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Care uniquely tailored to your needs and desires

Our staff are handpicked, fully DBS checked and have specialised interpersonal training to carry the ‘Elixir Merit’; service with a smile, polite manners, high standards of social etiquette (included with Elixir Training) and compassion.

We can prompt and administer medication, light cleaning, meal preparation, escorting in the community, help with accessing community services, manual handling, laundry and pet care, the list goes on…

Feel free to get in touch and ask about our full list of services and if we can help your needs

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Elderly Care

We specialise in caring for the elderly. We have experience with the older generation’s needs and desires, we understand what is important for wellbeing and happiness. We are familiar with lots of common ailments that appear as we get older and how best to help treat and support these valued individuals. We look after the elderly as if they were our own family.

Disability Care

We have lots of experience in all sorts of disability care, which has allowed us to become not only knowledgeable about disability and how it effects daily life, it's also allowed us to become more compassionate and empathetic towards the daily struggles we take for granted.

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Learning Difficulties

We have comprehensive knowledge behind a large variety of learning difficulties. We know all about different coping and behavioural techniques to help get through the day and deal with life’s challenges.
We have experience in a range of learning difficulties and how best to manage these to promote independence and confidence.