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Cleaning Services

We offer cleaning services at Elixir Home Care, we have come to realise in the Home Care industry that most of our clients need help to maintain cleanliness and tidiness. We love to produce the best outcome possible, we will clean EVERYTHING and ANYTHING.  This can be added to your care or errands package.


We use Vegan and environmentally friendly products, you don’t need to purchase your own products, all we ask for is the use of your hoover.

At Elixir we understand that your surrounding environment directly affects your mental health and wellbeing, which is why we are passionate about always delivering an unsurpassed result and a big breath of fresh air for you….deep breath…. you can relax now we’ve done the hard bit for you.

If you go for the 'Elixir Elite Cleaning' package we offer hotel-style services, which includes a turndown service of all bedrooms, pressed loo roll in every bathroom and a lovely lavender bundle on your pillow to aid a good nights sleep, which we appreciate is so important for success; this is just to name some of our Elite Services.

Our staff are handpicked, fully DBS checked and have specialised interpersonal training to carry the ‘Elixir Merit’; service with a smile, polite manners, high standards of social etiquette (included with Elixir Training) and compassion.

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